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Payment issues with Minecraft hosts

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So some of the largest issues with minecraft hosts is the persistent clients that just don’t understand that their hosts can’t function properly without due payment. This leads to a lot of issues, most commonly DDOS attacks from the younger people of the world who believe their only power comes from their abilities to pay $5 and watch a youtube video, replicating the annoyances of it and then sending twitter messages back to the host of their new found power.

Issues like this is what have caused situations like the French revolution. To think it only took a DDOS attack. A lot of hosts in the industry use paypal as their primary payment source. What isn’t common news is that the huge amount of credit card fraud that occurs in the industry. With the high percentage of CC fraud that does occur, a few different measures are put in place to help reduce this.

One common method is to make it clear in the hosts terms of service that it’s a virtual good service, of which paypal state under no circumstance is a refundable option. If only you could see the look on those scrubs faces when they realise that they can’t just use 3 months of a service and get a full refund back for it. But don’t think it’s all bad! Coming out to look like the victim isn’t always so bad. Sometimes it can even help business! The extra PR that surrounds the event if brought big enough, can cause people to start following your social media to keep track on the events. Everyone likes Drama even if they’re German..

It really does make a difference at times to be the 1% of business that gets long solid business like those in the storage for Shellharbour. Gees, what a good time that would be, but I guess for now it’s just putting along working out where the next move is. Stay tuned for the greatest most relevant pays-froid material on the net!